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If we used the analogy of an automobile, the fundamentals of eCommerce have remained remarkably similar for 25 years. By and large, we still browse and search for products, add items to a basket or cart and check out just as we did in the nineties.

The underlying technologies - what's under the bonnet, if you will - has changed profoundly. Indeed, the bonnet itself and all component parts of eCommerce have undergone a transformation. An eCommerce platform is no longer expected to sit in splendid isolation, separate to your remaining IT infrastructure, but to be an integral part of it. If a customer orders a product, for instance she/he wants to know what the stock level is for that product. That means filtered browsing and search, seamless integration with ERP and WMS systems, a smooth transition through checkout with fraud mitigation and 3D Secure woven into the payment process.

In short, it's expected to be a joined up experience. We can help you with that.

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